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Similan IslandsA group of Similan Island (Mo Koh Similan): Which are preserved as a National Marine Park in September 1982, as Phang Nga bay, expanding an area of more than hundred kilometers. Boat-riding is three hours from pier (mainland in Phang Nga). A group of these Islands comprises of nine islets. In fact, Similan is Yawi or Malay word meaning nine or a group of nine islands). Stretching from north to south i.e.Bon, Bayu, Similan, Payu, Miang (two adjoining islands), Payan, Payang and Huyong Islands. The National Marine Park office is located on Miang Island. By the way, those islands are granite, aren’t limestone making them so quite fascinating. They are very uniquely different; however, Similan’ reputation is 30 excellent and distinctive diving sites which plenty of coral reefs, stony sea floors, rock reefs. Snorkeling in the sea or scuba-diving through under water world are interesting opportunities features visitors can experience. The best time to travel is November to April.Similan Islands

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