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Similan Islands Phang Nga province: The best site where to find scuba-diving in Thailand. Located northward from Phuket, actually Phuket was used to be a land of Phang Nga’s in centuries. Phang Nga covers an area of more than 4,100 square kilometers, situated in the South far away from Bangkok approximately 788 kilometers. The major attractions of this province, which lies of the Andaman Sea as Phuket, are the jealousy natural trips since Phang Nga has many sites of beautiful diving sites being still the most famous around the world i.e. Similan Islands and Surin Islands. Besides, caves and extraordinary rocky outstanding formations are one the trip for your holiday. All of them are preserved in the National Marine Parks. Phang Nga’s climate: The green season or rainy season is from May to October, all day long are sunshine. The great time to holiday vacation is December till April (Songkran Festival)

Koh Ma Joo @ Phang Nga BayPhang Nga Bay: Phang Nga Bay (Ao Phang Nga), registered a National Marine Park on April 1981 after Tarutao National Marine Park, covered from seashore till coastal area. The tropical rain forests are dotted along the shoreline. Nevertheless the most impressive of them is a dramatic bay painting with more than hundred islands, bizarre shaped out cuts formations striped in twister of them, greenery mangroves and occasionally uninhabited. Many of them have a remarkable features, such as Khian Mountain (Khao Khian), being prehistoric rock painting over 3000 years shown on the cliffs.

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