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Thai Alphabets


There are 44 characters in Thai Consonants, which is composed of 21 sounds (some characters are repeated sound). It is divided into, however, 3 groups of sound tonal: High-Mid-Low tonal as following. By the way, Thai vowels consist of 28 sounds that separated into short sound vowels and long ones respectively (Some text books may be taught you that Thai vowels consist of 32 vowels; however, in our web site is not counting 4 special vowels that are "ฤ, ฤา, ฦ, ฦา" into the group of vowels because they pronounced combining between consonant "ร and ล" and vowels. Both short sound vowels and long sound vowels are parted into monophthong and diphthong. The single vowels have 18 sounds; on the other hand, there are only 10 sounds in diphthong.

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