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Self Travelling and Driving around Thai Kingdom

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Visitors to Thailand please remind yourself on the way walking when you walk along the road to some places. You should walk on the right-hand side of yours cause vehicles or bycycles in Thailand are driving and riding on left-hand traffic. Crossing the road do walk on overpass or crosswalk. It is safe for your life and help drivers and riders reduce the accident on Thailand.

Thai highway network follows the left-hand traffic rule of the road. The network is the twin responsibility of the Department of Highways (DOH, Krom Thang Luang), and the Department of Rural Roads (DORR, Krom Thang Luang Chonnabot), under the oversight of the Transportation ministry of Thailand. Public highways (thang luang) are also called public roads (thanon luang), especially when part of urban streets. The network spans over 70,000 kilometers across all regions of Thailand. Courtesy of Wikipedia

Transport in Thailand is varied and chaotic, with no one dominant means of transport. Bus transport dominates in long distances and Bangkok, with motorbikes dominating in rural areas for short trips, supplanting bicycles. Road transportation is the primary form of freight transport across the country. Slow rail travel has long been a rural long-distance transport mechanism, though plans are underway to expand services with high-speed rail lines extending to several major regions of Thailand. Courtesy of Wikipedia

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