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Self Journey (Bangkok)

Thai Bus
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Public buses are plentiful and very economy, not more than 20 Baht maximum fares to most destinations within Bangkok. Air-conditioned buses within metropolis have varied from destinations, but not more than 50 Baht respectively. Red, Gray and Micro buses are also cost the fares in single route. A bus routes map is available at most hotels.


Bangkok Rapid Transit
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Starting from the intersection of Sathorn Road - Narathiwat Rajanakarin Road which is connected to the BTS Skytrain (Chong Nonsi station and Talat Phlu station). They serve passengers from Sathorn and Silom business district including crowded passengers on the BTS system. BRT will run along the Narathiwat Rajanakarin Road through Chan Road. And go on the section of Nara Ram 3rd Road, then turn right onto Rama 3rd Road and Rama 3rd Bridge across the Chao Phraya River to end at the junction of Ratchadapisek-Ratchapruek Roads (See Map). Fortunately, It is expected to accommodate a vast number of passengers from residential and office buildings along the path. BRT Ratchaphruek station prepares a wide car park and can run on the BTS (Talat Phlu station). See Map.
BRT Station: (Sathorn Rd.-Ratchaphruek Rd.)
•Sathorn Station • Akhan Songkhro Station • Technic Krungthep Station • Chan Station • Nararam 3 Station • Wat Dan Station • Wat Pariwat Station • Wat Dok Mai Station • Rama IX Bridge Station • Chareonrat Station • Rama 3rd Bridge Station • Ratchaphruek Station




Hotel taxis have fixed tariffs for destinations. Taxis are cruising the streets in Bangkok, maybe chauffeuring to neighboring provinces if you hire them but please remind very much that so very expensive, designing "Taxi-Meters" on car roof charging from 35 Baht for the first 3 kilometres, and approximately 5 Baht for every kilometer thereafter.


Lumpinee Car Rent Center


Tuk-Tuk or three wheels taxi are quite popular among the tourist for short journeys around Bangkok. Fares range from a minimum of 30 Baht to a maximum of 150 Baht according to the destination is. Ah!! Fares can be bargaining down.


Tuk Tuk


Chao Phraya Express Boat


There are many companies doing business on the Chao Phraya River, but the most popular so much for visitors in Bangkok is the Chao Phraya Express Boats (Thai's wording: Ruaa-Duan-Chao-Phra-Ya). They have 4 styles of services: (See Styles) NO Flag--get on and get off every piers, Orange Flag--get on and get off some piers that stop less than No Flag, Yellow Flag--get on and get off at destinations, for this style, the Yellow flag is the fastest but most money; therefore, before ticketing ask collector first (See Boat Fares) for the last style is Green Flag--get on and get off from Pakkret (N33) passing through Nonthaburi (N30), The Wet (N15), Tha Chang (N9) and any more. Actually, Nonthaburi--Pibul 3 Pier (N30) is a hub of all style boats as same as Central Pier {Sathon-Saphan Taksin (BTS S6 Station)}. They are cruising from neighboring district, Pakkret (N33), Muang Nonthaburi-- Nonthaburi province (N30), till Sathorn or Silom (Central Pier), in Bangkok. Getting on boat at Banglumpu--Phra Arthit Pier (N13) and then get off Tha Chang Pier (N9) for traveling to Grand Palace is the first step to experience this service (See Boat Pier). If you stay around Banglampoo area, ridiculously, we thought you should take a walk worthy. See Rattanakosin Map.


Khlong Saen Saeb Boat
Courtesy picture Family Transport


The new dimension for canal transportation is Saen Seab Canal Boat | センセーブ運河ボート | เรือคลองแสนแสบ that help Bangkokian to reduce the rush hour time for morning workdays and travelling neighbouring district of Bangkok. The fare is very inexpenpenve between 10-20 Baht, but the route is so long more than services from Phranakorn district to Bangkapi district. Saen Saeb Canal Boat serves from Panfa Leelard Bridge (W3) near Golden Mount Temple to Westwards of Bangkok's Wat Sriboonreung (E22), Bangkapi district.
"The Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat service operates on the Khlong Saen Saep in Bangkok, providing fast, inexpensive transportation through the city's traffic-congested commercial districts. The service has a checkered reputation, due to the polluted water in the khlong and the haphazard nature in which the service is operated.
The 18-kilometre route is served by 100 boats of 40-50 seats, and operates 05:30 a.m. to 08:30 p.m. daily on weekdays (07:00 p.m. at the weekend). Prices are 8 to 20 baht--Check Prices, depending on distance travelled. The service carries about 60,000 passengers per day. It is run by a company called Family Transport." Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat's wrote.



Bangkok Mass Transit System
BTS Sky Train


Similar to your country, Western countries and developed Asian Countries, we are next step developing country, so innovations and civilizations are glowing up from GDP's. BTS Sky Trains have 2 lines (see map)--the first is starting from the North Eastern-Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit (N8), Chatuchak Weekend Market) to Kheha (E23) off Samut Prakarn province (Sukhumvit Road); Visitors can get off this Kheha station (E23) in order to travel Crocodile Farm and Zoo, and the other line is starting from the National Stadium (W1) (Siam Square area, MBK) passing Silom Road, Sathorn Road, to last station, Bang Wa Station (S12) located at Thonburi district. This line conveys passengers crossing the Chao Phraya River. Fare begins 16 and not over 60 Baht (Check Prices). The service is available from 06:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Travel assistance calls 0-2617-6000, 0-2617-7341


Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand
MRTA Subway


The second type of mass rapid transportation in Bangkok is Subway or Underground. The subway's route is beginning from (see map) Tao Poon, Bang Sue Railway Station, Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lamphong) till Lak Song Station in Bang Khae district (Hua Lamphong Station - Lak Song Station open September 2019) See Map. The second line connecting Subway or Underground between Tao Poon Station and Tha Phra Station is Blue line (Tao Poon Station - Tha Phra Station open March 2020) See Map. The first line passes many shopping areas like The Weekend Market at Chatuchak Park Station, important business buildings like Sukhumvit Road (Sukhumvit Station) and Silom Road (Silom Station). Visitors to Thailand would like to travel the Grand Palace and take photograhp Wat Prakaew or Wat Pho, should get off at Sanam Chai Station and walk upward just 5 minutes to impress them (Future station). See Map. Fare is between 16 and 42 not over 50 Baht (Check Prices) according to your destination. By the way, we are excluded the MRT Purple Line (Taopoon Station-Kholng Bangphai Station) See Map and Check the fare again. Customer Relation Center: 0-2624-5200 or Customer service can assist 0-2354-2000


MRTA Purple Line
Courtey picture WWC112 WWc112


Airport Express Line (SA Express)
and Airport City Line ( SA City Line)
Airport Rail Link


The youngest sister transmit in Bangkok, Thailand is Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link. The State Railway of Thailand has been operated a transit construction projects. The Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link and East line transmit system in the city (see map) for aircraft passengers and dwellers who live in the eastern part of Bangkok, which connect the route between Suvarnabhumi Airport to the metropolis, Bangkok. Along the Eastern Railway line by using the high-speed air-conditioned trains in upon two-way parallel type. They provide services and additional advantage as follows.
1) Suvarnabhumi Airport express train (SA Express):
Providing for passengers with high-speed air-conditioned trains with 4 bogies that one of them is a container for transporting goods. It run direct between Makkasan/Asoke to Suvarnabhumi Stations. Time within 15 minutes. Fare is 150 Baht per trip. It provides service from 06.00 to 24.00 everyday. (Check Price)
2) Suvarnabhumi Airport City Line (SA City Line):
Providing passengers and dwellers launching from the first station (See Map) at Phyathai and then Ratchaprarop, Makkasan, Ramkhamhaeng, Huamak, Ban Thab Chang, Lat Krabang and the last Suvarnabhubi International Airport Stations respectively. Which passes all 8 stations through the final destination, Suvarnabhumi Airport Station within 30 minutes. It covers a distance of 28 kilometers. Ticket begins 15 not over 45 Baht per one way. It provides service from 06.00 to 24.00 everyday. (Check Price)
3) Baggage Check In: Passengers and travellers are able to check in* and load all luggages in Makkasan Station. For more inquiry call 1690 (24 hours) or +66 2308 6500 ext. 2906, 2907
*Only passengers of Thai Airways International Airline before take-off 3-12 hrs.


Motorbike Service
Courtesy picture tv.mthai.com


Thais call "WIN" (Thai wording: translates from English--"be the winner in contest or competition~") for those whose drivers turn on serviced motorbike' engines reaching wherever is. As we've mentioned above, as the meaning of word "WIN", the motor bikers are worried about their time to speed and reached the destination by competition with others, so they are not mind though you will always remind them that you are driving so fast!!. The last answer of Thais, mostly don't mind about their safe, they're so worried about the time hanging with traffic ways. It's the alternatively decision for you as we've been proud to attention before choosing. Trying, it's amazing.
It's time for you to choose that vehicles are suitable and worth for your destination. Think before making an appointment that Bangkok's one of the traffic jam city. Planning your journey better than wasting your time on the road or loosing your mind in the city.


We wish you enjoying pleasant and amazing travelling in Thailand.



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