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Baan Fang Tha:
Baan Fang Tha
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Located on Moo 5, Wang Pong sub district. It features agro-tourism activities and wildlife conservation. There is a walking tour where you can visit oraganic orchards and hand-pick and taste fresh fruits from the trees. Visit the first place where pineapples were grown in Thailand. You can have first-hand experience in making paper from pineapple fiber. Bird-watching on the boat tour along Pran Buri river, while observing rich flora and fauna in this mangrove area. Home-Stay accommodation is available at the river bank. For more information, please contact +66(032) 623 003.
How to get there: From Hua Hin town to Pran Buri turn left at Tesco Lotus intersection. Go straight on for about 4 kilometers and turn left for about 900 meters. You will see Baan Fang Tha right by the sea.

Pran Buri Forest Park:
Pran Buri Forest Park
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15 kilometers south from Hua Hin town, this is a natural habitat and nursery for various species of aquatic animal. Inside the park land, there is elevated wooden bridge, on which stands a notice board offering valuable information about eco-system of the mangrove swamps which cover distance of 1,000 meters. There is a white sandy beach that is shady with a 1-kilometer line pine trees on the east of this park. For more information, please contact +66(032) 621 608.
How to get there: From Hua Hin take the road no.4 (Petchakasem Road or AH2 Road) about 15 kilometers. Then turn left at the standing kilometer-stone 246 and go straight on for about 4 kilometers to Pran Buri Forest Park.

Khao Kralok Beach:
Khao Kralok
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It is located on south of Pran Buri Forest Park and far from it approximately 7 kilometers. Lies Khao Kralok beach, a truly beautiful beach. This whole area is in Tao Kosa Park Reserve. You can find hotels and resorts easily in this area.

Pak Nam Pran Buri Village:
Pak Nam Pran Buri
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It is located at Pak Nam Pran Buri sub district. The Pran Buri river flows into the Gulf of Thailand at this location. The majority of the local people is based on fishery. It is a wonderful place to get fresh seafood and dried ones. The special delicacy here is sun-dried squid. Resorts are plentiful.
How to get there: From Hua Hin take the road no.4 (Petchakaesm Road). Turn left at Pak Nam Park intersection and continue to the road no.3618 until you reach Pak Nam Pran Buri Village. It is 15 kilometers from the intersection to the village.

Tanarat Infantry Camp:
Tanarat Infantry Camp
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On the west side of Petchakasem Road. Visitors can visit Field-Marshal Sarit Tanarat's museum or have a hands-on experience in a wide range of "Soft-adventure" activities, including rock climbing, high-diving, shooting, fishing and etc. For more information, please contact +66(032) 555 158.

Siranat Rajini Mangrove Ecosystem Learning Center Pranburi:
Sirinat Rajini Ecosystem Center
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It is the first center of mangrove learning in the area which changed from shrimp farming. This name was taken from the Queen Sirikit. Inside Sirinat Rajini Mangrove Ecosystem Learning Center of Pranburi, when you go around you will see 10 memorable things to do and see at "Man-Made Forest Wonder" such as, the historical mangroves which the King and Princess Sirindhorn have grown, go bird-watching for mangroves local residence, from the Cha Khram Lookout Tower, take a wide angle panoramic view at the reclaimed mangrove landscape and vinicity and etc. Open everyday from 8.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. For more information, please contact +66(032) 632 255.
How to get there: From Hua Hin take the road no.4 down to the south. Turn left at the standing kilometer-stone 246 follow the same road to Pran Buri Forest Park, across the railroad. Turn right and keep going straight on the road to Pak Nam Pran Buri, Pass Tuang Sook Lake Hills Resort. You will see the Ecosystem Learning Center there.

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