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Koh Ta Lu - Koh Singh - Koh Sang:
Koh Ta Lu
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All three islands, which are located close together, have a shallow snorkelling site. Koh Ta Lu is the largest among them. At the north end of this island is a red steep cliff and a big hole that can walk through another side.

Courtesy pictures of This is its name "Ta Lu" in Thai Language but English is "Through". On this island, there are beautiful beaches, clear sea water, wide white sandy beaches, and many bungalows.

Koh Singh-Koh Sang:
Koh Singh-Koh Sang
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They are beautiful spots and have fertile coral reefs. Sea water is so crystal clear water which can be easily seen them.
Koh Singh-Koh Sang
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How to get there: from Bang Sa Bhan Market take the road no.3374 to Koh Ta Lu pier or continue to Pak Klong Bang Sa Bhan Noi to take the boat to Koh Ta Lu, Koh Singh and Koh Sang.

Bang Berd Beach:
Bangberd Beach
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It is located at Sai Thong sub district. It is a small curving bay with a clean beach and water. Bang Berd mountain is located at the end of this beach on southwards. During World War II, Bang Berd was famous for growing watermelons on the M.C. Sittibhon Kritsadakorn's plantation. His royal originally brought the seed from a farm in the USA. The melons were large in size, sweet and crispy. Today, there is a commemorative monument to his royal in this area and then now is the Research Institue of Sittibhon Kritsadakorn, under the supervision of Agro-Ecologocal System Research and Development Institue of Kasetsart University in Bangkok.
How to get there: from Bang Sa Bhan Noi take the road no.3411 for about 15 kilometers. It is the same road to Pa Tiew of Chumpon province. When you reach junction, turn left for further 4 kilometers to Bang Berd Beach. Otherwise, take the road no.4 (Petchakasem Road), turn left at the standing kilometer-stone 425 or Huay Sak junction and continue to the road no.3497 for about 17 kilometers to Bang Berd Beach.

Fang Daeng Beach:
Fang Daeng Beach
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It is not far from Bang Sa Bhan Noi district downwards to the south about 9 kilometers. It is a very wonderful beach, lined with a dark red cliff. The cliff can be seen from the shore that is how it came to get the name "Fang Daeng Beach". Fang in Thai language is shore and Daeng is a name of red color in Thai one. When translates Thai words in Roman alphabets is "Red-colored Shore Beach".
Fang Daeng Beach
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