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Hua Hin District:

Chat Chai Market:
Chat Chai Market
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This is an old market that located in the center of Hua Hin town on National Highway no.4 (Petchakasem Road). It was built in 1926 on the royal initiative of King Rama VII, on the occasion of his royal first visit to Klai Kangwon Palace. The structure of the market was made of reinforced concrete with a 7-curved roof, which symbolized King Rama VII. You can buy souvenirs, fresh and dried sea foods in this market.

Hua Hin Beach:
Hua Hin Beach
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Hua Hin is the most famous beach in Thailand for Thai holidaymakers. It is a clear sea water, wide white sandy beach and large, unique, rocks scattered along with the beach offer and everlasting charm to all visitors. read more Hua Hin & Cha Am Beaches»

The Royal Waiting Room (Bhlap Bhla) at Hua Hin Railway Station:
Royal Waiting Room
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Located at Hua Hin Railway Station, this is one of the oldest railway stations in the country. This waiting room was moved from Sanam Chan in Nakhon Pathom province during the reign of King Rama VI. It is striking Thai architectural style and makes a popular tourist attraction.

Hua Hin Night Market:
Hua Hin Night Market
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Situated on Dechanuchit road, it is a center for shoppers and food lovers who can buy a variety of food from various friendly stalls. It is adding a colour and vibrancy to the town, especially in the evening. This is a one place in Hua Hin that you do not miss it.

Khao Ta Kiab:
Khao Ta Kiab
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A small hill locates 5 kilometers south of Hua Hin town. There is a temple at the top of this hill. You can also see a spectacular view of Hua Hin. At the foot of this hill lies Khao Ta Kiab beach. It is a white sandy beach with a clear blue sea where you can ride horseback along the seashore.

Suan Son Pradipat:
Suan Son Padipat
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It is 8 kilometers southwards of Hua Hin beach. This beautiful beach is lined with casuarinas pine trees. It is a quiet beach and under the supervision of the military. The place offers bungalows, hotels rooms, as well as meals in the restaurant. For more information, please contact +66(032) 536 581-4.

Hua Hin Elephant Village:
Hua Hin Elephant Village
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Located about 3 kilometers west of Hua Hin town. Enjoy the lush natural landscape, the elephant performances and observe the livelihood of the mahout and his families from the elephant's back. For more information, please contact +66(032) 516 181.

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