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At the east are Sapparod Bay, where ferry landing is situated and Salak Khok Bay. In addition, along the eastern shoreline is road cutting through Salak Phet Bay, a community with boat pier to the south of the island. Coral ranges worthy visiting are at Khlong Son bay near Koh Chang Noi and around islands south of Koh Chang.

Furthermore sea-based attractions, on Koh Chang has numerous inland interesting sites including several waterfalls with reasonable reaching. They are Khlong Plu waterfall, 3 kilometres from Khlong Prao bay and a further 20 minutes on foot; Khlong Nonsi waterfall, a 4-kilometer walk from park headquarters and Khiri Phet waterfall and Khlong Nueng waterfall which are approximately 3 kilometres from Baan Salak Phet.

As well as the obvious activities Koh Chang offers many other attractions including to respect temples, visit the National Park and Museum or the beautiful charming look out points, which are all worth a trip. Divers will find fascinating diving areas off the shores of Koh Chang and the surrounding islands. Besides the many coral reefs, sunken warships, a reminder of times can be visited in the Salak Phet bay.

The Koh Chang National Park is occupied an area of 650 square kilometres and comprised of 52 islands, which is spreading from Laem Ngob to Khlong Yai district (reaching to Cambodia). The most popular islands includes Koh Chang, Koh Klum, Koh Ngam, Koh Lao Ya and Koh Rung where natural wonders await travelers to touch them. The best time of holiday season to visit the group of Koh Chang National Marine Park is from November to April. The park headquarters are divided into 4 units namely The Than Mayom, Baan Khlong Son, Tha Khlong Plu and lastly Baan Salak which are providing useful tourist's information. At any one of the headquarters , the admission fee of 200 Baht is collected. In fact, Thai seas can visit or dive all year round though the monsoon season cause the rainy season in Thailand is plenty wet but very sunshine and almost no less occurring the sea storms. Therefore, travelers all around the world can travel Thailand both on land and under marine world as your preferences.White Sand Beach

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