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"Padiran Iranian restaurant is the first Iranian or Persian restaurant in Patong Beach, Phuket. We have experienced 'Iranian Chef' who is giving real Persian gourmet either cooked your orders or serving hygienic surroundings for your taste. Come and Enjoy the Best Persian Food with real Iranian culinary."

Phuket Island is full of natural wonder and tropical rian forest islets either powdery white sand beaches. Visitors all around the world such as Scandinavians, Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Asians & Australians come here to spend holiday vacation, researches and in group activities. Besides, Phuket has the best variety of traditional Thai Food, Italian Food, Sea Food, Mexican Food and Asian food but tourist missed Persian Food. We are in view of our respected customers, we have been starting PADIRAN Iranian Restaurant which serving guests either a delicious Persian food or hygienic vegetarian food. See our location.

PADIRAN Iranian Restaurant is famous and pioneer in Patong Beach--Phuket Island. Importantly, our Iranian restaurant is the first restaurant  in Patong Beach. We believe the best quality and full quantity that is why from decade until now many customers from all over the world are in touch with us who still like our food. Moreover our Iranian chef from Iran uses real Iranian herbs and ingredients in order to create and dress new dishes for our valued customers. In reality, one of the main reason that Persian cuisine is not widely recognized is that it is often confused with Middle East cuisine, a much broader and more general term, and this confusion is further perpetuated by restaurants and markets providing authentic Persian cuisine.


Persian cuisine or the cuisine of Iran is diversed with each province featuring dishes, culinary tradition and style distinct to their regions. It includes a wide variety of food ranging from chelo kabab (barg, koobideh, joojeh, shishleek, soltani, chenjeh), khoresht (stew that is served with white Basmiti or Iranian rice: ghormeh sabzi, gheimeh, and others), aash (a thick soup: as an example Ash-e anar), kookoo (vegetable Souffle), pollo (white rice alone or with addition of meat and/or vetgetables and herbs, including loobia pollo, albaloo pollo, Sabzi pollo, zereshk pollo, Baghali Polo and others), and a diverse variety of salads, pastries, and drinks specific to different parts of Iran. The list of Persian recipes, appetizers and desserts are extensive.


If you are in Patong, of Phuket Island and would like to try Persian or Iranian cuisine once time, we are recommended you to taste at Padiran Restaurant. Here is a family run with a small menu, a handful of seats and loads of friendly charm. The menu emphasizes 'kababs' a staple in Iran and lots of wonderful basmati rice. There are, of course, a variety of other times offered, including yogurts, hummus and salads. If you are looking for a unique culinary treat served with warmth and pride, give this place a try. It is open daily from mid-morning till about midnight. Padiran Persian Restaurant's official website.


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