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  • Radarom Spa, our spa and massage are created with inspiration, checked for quality of Thai massage by successful Thai woman. Reservation call +66 (0)7569 5524, 0 7569 5275.
  • Blue Dragon is the 1st cabaret show in Krabi ,Thailand. We are located along Ao Nang Beach, well-known entertainment beach area. For more information call +66 (0)7562 3788, (08)1535 2666, (08) 1894 2976.
  • We are jewelry and souvenirs shop in Patong Beach. You can trust all of products because every piece of jewelry ornaments has a guarantee and elaborate designs. For more details call +66 (0)7634 0858-9, (0)7634 0123.
  • Phuket Botanic Garden, located in Phuket Town, boasts various collections of tropical and exotic plants in over 30 zones. For more information call +66(0)7636 7095.
  • Phuket Bird Park is the only privately owned bird park on Phuket Island. The park has over thousand birds of more than 100 amazing bird species. For more details call +66 (0)7636 7576

Radarom Spa | Blue Dragon Cabaret | Chai Dee Gems | Phuket Botanic Garden | Phuket Bird Park

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Phuket Zoo

U Thai Silp

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